Big BangIs Now Part Of The World Karaoke Tour!!

Whart is The World Karaoke Tour


The World Karaoke Tour (WKT) is the premiere world circuit for competitive singing.  With worldwide online tournaments as well as live events in North America, Europe and Asia,  the WKT showcases the finest up and coming singers competing in the world’s most exciting cities. 


From Vancouver to Singapore and Tokyo to Los Angeles, the stars of the World Karaoke Tour will battle  for prestigious titles and WKT Ranking points at WKT Major events around the world as well as local,  city, national contests and online tournaments. At the end of the season the world’s best singers will  qualify to compete for the biggest title on tour, the WKT World Championship.

How To Enter

Just come out to one of our venues (or even hire us for an event) and join in our karaoke night... Pick a Song from the current open Events and have a friend take a video... Upload it to the WKT approved video site of your choice (we recommend YouTube) go to the World Karaoke Tour website and register as an artist...

Use Our Affiliate code  742767152 

EVERY TIME you enter an event!! Your First Entry with our code gets you 25% off the entry fee.

Current Global Local (Canada) Events

Totally 90's

Totally 90's World Karaoke Tour QualifiyingEvent

Are you totally 90's is you decade full of Blowfish? Do you Remember when Madge was all about the Blonde Ambition? When Hip Hop was Young? M&M's Weren't just yummy dandy coated chocolate? Gwen Stefani was on top... No Doubt... about it?  Then this is the  event for you!!!  

Event Page for Qualifying Songlist

WKT Battle: The Rolling Stones VS. The Beatles

Battle: The Rolling Stones Vs The Beatles World Karaoke Tour QualifiyingEvent

Pick your side!!!

Is it going to be Mick & The Boys or the Fab Four...
By Picking your song you decide!!!

Event Page for Qualifying Songlist

Ultimate Bon Jovi

Ultimate Bon Jovi World Karaoke Tour QualifiyingEvent

Still Living On A Prayer while being Wanted Dead Or Alive after  Giving Love a Bad Name...?

Then go Down In A Blaze of Glory as the Ultimate Bon Jovi WKT Champ!!!

Event Page for Qualifying Songlist